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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Portrait of Poverty

30,000 children are feed throughout the Philippines each week:

As I was waiting for my friends laundry to dry at a local laundromat, I picked up a magazine called Pentecostal Evangelic. The Nov. 14, 2010 magazine did an extensive article on a faith based organization called Convoy for Hope. In 15 years, Convoy of Hope has fed 36 million people in more than 109 countries. As a partner with the Assemblies of God, Convoy of Hope goes into all the and provides the resources and means necessary to sustain life.

Only a few miles south of Manila, Philippines near the ports is an area called Baseco. Baseco is one of the most impoverished places that Convoy of Hope feeds.

Would you be able to imagine no food, no water, indoor bathroom, mattress-less beds? That life is everyday for the people of Baseco, Philippines. Convoy of Hope emphasis the importance of nourishing the body and the spirit. A quote from the AG director in Southeast Asia who has served in the Philippines for 22 years says "The local church is Gods powerhouse for long-term ministry". Convoy of Hope is on the front lines delivering needed resources not only in the Philippines but all over the world. Starting churches, schools and providing classes to improve the quality of life. You can see for yourself what is being done when local churches and communities pull together.


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